Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Marker Program

Helena, Arkansas


City: Helena-West Helena

County: Phillips

Location: near junction of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and U.S. 49

Sponsor: Arkansas Civil War Centennial Commission

GEO Coordinates

UTM-X: 719995
UTM-Y: 3820519
UTM Zone: 15

Latitude: 34.50284103
Longitude: -90.60379606

Marker Text

Helena, Arkansas At this site on the southern tip of Crowleys Ridge, Indians of the Hopewell Culture lived about 500 B.C. Evidences of their settlements still remain in mounds nearby. In 1541 when Hernando De Soto crossed the river near here, he found the Casqui and Pacaha Indians and held the first Christian service west of the Mississippi River. In 1673 Marquette and Joliet visited here during their exploration. The city was laid out in 1820 and incorporated in 1856. On July 4, 1863, in the Battle of Helena Union forces repulsed a Confederate attempt to retake the city. Seven Confederate generals came from Phillips County. Arkansas Civil War Centennial Commission 1965

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