Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Marker Program

Battle of Cane Hill


City: Cane Hill

County: Washington

Location: Highway 45

Sponsor: Arkansas Civil War Centennial Commission

GEO Coordinates

UTM-X: 373992
UTM-Y: 3974744
UTM Zone: 15

Latitude: 35.90889162
Longitude: -94.39645827

Marker Text

The Battle of Cane Hill
Late in November 1862, Gen. John S. Marmaduke with 2,000 cavalry occupied Can Hill Ridge. Gen. James G. Blunt with 5,000 cavalry and infantry and 30 pieces of artillery met them at dawn on Nov. 28, 1862. Retreating slowly, making stands at Boonsboro and Russellville, fighting a rear guard action. Marmaduke drew the Union Army into a narrow defile on the Cove Creek Road. This battle raged for nine hours over 15 miles of timber and brush roads. As night fell, Marmaduke withdrew toward Van Buren. Blunt returned to Cane Hill.
Arkansas Civil War Centennial Commission

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