Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Marker Program

Action At Whitney's Lane


City: Kensett

County: White

Location: 1215 Whitney Lane

Sponsor: ACWSC, White Co. Historical Society, Preserve America, National Park Service, Dept. of the Interior

GEO Coordinates

UTM-X: 620479
UTM-Y: 3901136
UTM Zone: 15

Latitude: 35.24607547
Longitude: -91.67576911

Marker Text

Action at Whitneys Lane
One hundred Texas Rangers and 50 local men on May 19, 1862, attacked a foraging party from the 17th Missouri Infantry (U.S.), a unit composed largely of German troops, fighting near here along Whitneys Lane. Union losses were 22 killed and 33 wounded while four Confederates were killed. The attack convinced Union Gen. Samuel Curtis to abandon his advance toward Little Rock and instead march cross-country to Helena on the Mississippi. Arkansass capital would remain under Confederate control another year before falling to the Union.
Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission
White County Historical Society
Preserve America, National Park Service, Department of the Interior

Killed in Action At Whitneys Lane May 19, 1862
17th Missouri Infantry
Lang, Edward Drum Major Co. E; Ranft, William Pvt. Co. H; Difani, Lorenz Pvt. Co. F; Rhein, Peter Pvt. Co. H; Grammer, Michael Pvt. Co. F; Reuter, Charles Pvt. Co. H; Hildenbrant, Francis, Pvt. Co. F; Reuter, John Pvt. Co. H; Meyer, John, Pvt. Co. F; Schmidt, Adam Sgt. Co. H; Schnabel, Jacob Pvt. Co. F ; Schmidt, Frederick Pvt. Co. H; Tochterman, Fred Pvt. Co. F; Schnell, Charles Pvt. Co. H; Burkhardt, Jacob Pvt. Co. H; Zeller, C. Pvt. Co. H; Clay, John Sgt. Co. H; Dehasz, William Pvt. Co. H; Diederich, Jacob Pvt. Co. H; Eckhart, Christian Pvt. Co. H; Greber, Michael Pvt. Co. H
4th Missouri Cavalry
Schroeder, John Cpl. Co B
12th Texas Cavalry
McDonald, N. Brown Pvt. Co. H; Lowery, Montgomery Pvt. Co. H
Hicks Independent Arkansas Cavalry
Tapscott, James Dr.
Hookers Independent Arkansas Cavalry
Sasson, Young Pvt.
Circumstantial evidence suggests that Martin Vanmeter, a local citizen with pro-Union sympathies, was killed on this day. He may have been a member of Hicks Cavalry but provided the Union Army with intelligence in the days before Whitneys Lane.

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